Team Effectiveness

The Team Leader's Digital Toolkit For

Engaging Each and Every Team Member

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Evidence-based Pulse Dashboard to drive business performance

Informed by and based on

18 years of experience
working with leadership teams

My Team Pulse

Gives you a regular 3 weekly update
on how effective your team is,
how engaged are each of your team members,
what your No. 1 priority is to work on
and a
FIXIT Toolkit
to get your team humming...

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You can drive significant performance outcomes for a small investment

7x Higher Return Double Profitability
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Who we work with

Now SMEs can subscribe and use MyTeamPulse too...
These are the big guys that use our
team development profilers and dashboards.
Now we are enabling small businesses with
to get their team humming as well...

My Team Pulse

Team Performance Surveys

Simple to use administration console

Fixit Toolkit

The Basic Essentials

pretty much all you need DIY kit

This web app is designed for team leaders to check the pulse of their team-vibe. It has an easy-to-use admin back end set up that enables you to add or remove team members, and add or remove teams. You can set the frequency of sending out the pulse and set the viewing rights. It is mobile optimised. Contains videos and instructions on how to fix your culture and improve your team members' level of engagement and team effectiveness.

Why We Do It

Havard published research in 2015 found that leaders account for as much as 70% of variance in employee engagement. Comparing top-quartile with bottom-quartile engaged business units, Gallup found that units in the top quartile of engagement had...


Lower absenteeism


Lower staff turnover


Higher productivity


Better performance

Leadership Matters
Well equipped leaders deliver great results

3 Coffee Cost
Team Pulse Text

Performance Analytics Snapshot

The App to Check Your Team Vibe

Less than the cost of 3 coffees per person each month

Whats different about us?

We are experts in leadership development
and can help you rectify your performance challenges

  • Incorporates team leader, engagement, culture, effectiveness performance
  • Includes Team, Mojo, and Team Members' personality dynamics
  • Includes a FIXIT TOOLKIT enabling you to take effective corrective action
  • Designed by leadership speacialists not IT experts
  • Access to team perfromance coaches optional extra (online or face-to-face)


Benchmark Comparisons & Team Leader Resources

How Much Will You Gain?

Potential Gains Through Engagement




Increased engagement reduces staff turnover by up to 40% and absenteeism by 42% which haven’t been factored into this calculation. Hence the potential gains could be as much as 30% high than shown.

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Team Culture

MyTeamPulse checks with your team members to see how they perceive your team culture. It also checks with your team to see if they are noticing bullying, harrassment and other team risks.


Team Mojo

MyTeamPulse checks with your team members to get a sense of the MOJO. Mojo is a measure of team resilience and a signal of team energy.


Team Effectiveness

MyTeamPulse checks with your team members to see how effective they believe your team is. Team Effectiveness is a measure of six important factors. MyTeamPulse shows you the No. 1 priority you need to address to improve your team effectiveness.